ANTI 27 CLUB is the second EP release of the guitarist/singer OSAKA VAGABOND released in the summer of 2021. Osaka Vagabond is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Kotaro "Vabo" Irishio. He was born in Osaka, Japan, and lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is also known as the guitarist of the rock band Nihil Admirari. He composes, arranges, and plays most of the instruments, and programs.
The EP design aimed to incorporate elements of dreaminess and childlike qualities into a song with a dark subject matter. The 27 Club is an unofficial list of musicians and artists who died at the age of 27, most notably due to tragic means that reflect poor mental health. ANTI 27 CLUB serves as the antithesis to this destructive ethos, using self-care over sustaining depression, anxiety, as well as addiction. 
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